2022 Hockey World Cup Prediction: Switzerland vs USA, who will win?

2022 Hockey World Cup Prediction Switzerland vs USA, who will win

Prediction for the Hockey World Cup match between Switzerland and the United States on May 26. Who will emerge victorious? Examine the team’s conditions! There are several betting options available.


Switzerland is the only team in the 2022 World Cup to have gone undefeated through the group stage. Patrick Fischer’s charges could create a stir at any major tournament. Nonetheless, something always stood in their way. The Nati now played flawlessly and won first place, defeating even the formidable Canada. The only thing the Swiss lacked was Roman Josi, who could have come to Finland but did not, and they would have been the favorites if he had.


The United States sent a small team to the 2022 Cup, but this has become more common in recent years. Even when they had a slew of stars on their side, they couldn’t win the title. Their most recent world championship victory came in 1960. Nonetheless, David Quinn’s team exceeded expectations by reaching the tournament’s quarterfinals. The team claimed five wins and two losses in the group stage, finishing fourth in the standings due to the high level of competition in Group B.

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Expert Betting Advice

Switzerland brought a more experienced and skilled squad to the World Cup than the United States. They also have a large number of NHL players from their respective clubs’ starting lineups. Unlike the Americans, who aren’t exactly famous. The Red and Whites had a better group stage than the Stars and Stripes in Finland, so they are the clear favorites in the quarterfinal game. As a result, betting on the Swiss team to win is unavoidable.

  • Switzerland is the only unbeaten team in the 2022 World Cup.
  • At the 2022 World Cup, Team USA has won five of seven games.
  • Team USA has won three of the last four meetings against Team Switzerland.

Switzerland vs. the United States is the only quarterfinal matchup expected to be high scoring. Patrick Fischer’s charges were not afraid to play openly, even against Canada. In seven games, they scored 49 goals (7.00 on average).

The Americans have a lower figure, but it is unlikely that they will refuse to play the opposite, so a total of more than 5.5 appears to be the best option for the prediction.

Nico Hischier is not only the star of the Swiss team, but of the entire World Cup. At the age of 23, he has played five full NHL seasons and set a personal best in the previous regular season. He had 60 points (21 goals + 39 assists) in 70 games.

Furthermore, he scored five goals and provided three assists in seven tournament games, so betting on Nico Hischier to score more than 0.5 points is a good bet.

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