FIFA World Cup Qatar Betting Odds, Predictions, Betting Sites 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Betting Odds, Predictions, Betting Sites 2022

The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup is almost here! Only one thing can improve the world’s most popular global sports competition even slightly. Of course, we’re talking about betting.

If you’re looking for the best World Cup odds, we’ve got you covered. Our expert bettors have compiled a list of the best online sportsbooks available right now, all of which offer highly competitive odds.

OKBET is our top pick, but there are others you should be aware of.

We’ve also prepared a few tips and predictions from our experts to help you along the way, so what are we waiting for?

Let’s get started.

Best Places to Bet on World Cup 2022 Odds

  • OKBET: Overall winner
  • BetOnline offers the most generous bonuses.
  • MyBookie: The most diverse market selection
  • is the best site for high rollers.
  • BetUS: The best option for new bettors

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Top Qatar 2022 World Cup Odds and Picks

England (Odds: +800) to win the World Cup

Following two questionable Nations League performances in which the Lions lost 1-0 to Italy and then drew 3-3 with Germany, England’s odds have moved even further out into the value territory of +800 (we obtained these odds from OKBET).

We would have recommended this bet at +500, so it’s a no-brainer now. England has been waiting for tournament success for a long time, and they are in the best position to do so since 1966!

Forget about David Beckham and the Golden Generation; this is the true elite generation of English footballers, and it’s about time they proved it, Gareth Southgate or not.

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Lionel Messi is the favorite to win the Golden Ball Award (odds: +1200).

Pre-tournament bets are always a gamble, so how do you gain an advantage in such a crowded market that includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne, and other world superstars?

For starters, you don’t overcomplicate things. Leo Messi is widely considered to be the greatest footballer of all time, and while we’re not here to start heated debates, that has to count for something in awards like this.

It could be his last chance to win the World Cup, and despite being past his prime, he’ll undoubtedly go out with a bang. Argentina may not win the tournament, but Messi will show why he is a once-in-a-lifetime footballer.

Karim Benzema is the favorite to win the Golden Boot (odds: +1400).

Benzema is currently singing his swan song. He was just awarded the prestigious Ballon d’Or award at the age of 34, which is reserved for only the best footballers in the world.

Karim Benzema wasn’t even in the Les Bleus squad a few years ago, marred by controversy in an off-the-field incident and looking destined to toil away at the tail end of his career without ever playing for his country again.

All of that has changed, and this will most likely be his final World Cup. If he wins the World Cup’s golden boot, it will undoubtedly cap off a fantastic individual year for the Madrid striker.

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Betting on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

So, have you made a decision on your bets? Continue reading if you’re not sure what to do next.

Where Can I Place Bets on the FIFA World Cup?

When deciding where to bet on the upcoming World Cup, it’s critical to choose the right bookmaker. Gambling in a big sports tournament like this one can be a lot of fun, but only if you’re in the right place.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five fantastic and trustworthy websites for you to check out, so you can be confident in your personal and financial security.

A Quick Guide to Betting on the 2022 World Cup

Betting on a major event like the World Cup final is as big as it gets, and it can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. You shouldn’t be concerned; we’ll provide some pointers to make it easier to approach.

First and foremost, always follow form. Even if one team has a historically good record against another, you should always give the most weight to who is currently performing better. Soccer is played in the present, not on past stat sheets.

Check for injuries and deviations from the norm to gain an advantage. Bookmakers will always adjust odds for high-profile injuries, but they may not notice smaller, seemingly insignificant injuries.

In their particular match-up, a young and inexperienced full-back may find themselves up against an attacking juggernaut.

In this case, you might want to wager on the attacker scoring a goal or the fullback receiving a yellow card. Small insights like this can make a huge difference when it comes to soccer betting.

Follow this link to find the most recent World Cup betting odds at OKBET.

World Cup 2022 Tournament: Complete Details

Here are some things you should know about the upcoming World Cup:

When and where will the World Cup be held?

The World Cup begins in Qatar on November 20, 2022.

Who Will Play in the First Game?

Qatar will open the tournament against Ecuador.

Where Can I Watch the 2022 World Cup?

Fox Sports will broadcast the World Cup 2022 live in English, while Telemundo will broadcast it in Spanish.

Who are the current World Cup champions?

France is the reigning World Cup champion, having won in Russia in 2018.

What type of young talent should people be on the lookout for?

Among the obvious are big names like Kylian Mbappe and Spain’s Pedri, the latter of whom shone during the previous Euro 2020 tournament, but there are some new names to keep an eye on.

Jude Bellingham from England, Gavi from Spain, and Jamal Musiala from Germany are among the players who could make a big name for themselves on the world stage.

Who Will Be the Top Players to Watch at the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The 2022 World Cup will feature a lot of big names. Tottenham’s star duo of Heung Min Son (South Korea) and Harry Kane (England), Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium), Neymar (Brazil), and Lautaro Martinez are names to watch (Argentina).

How to Place Online Bets on the FIFA World Cup 2022

If you’re new to betting on the World Cup or just betting in general, we’ll go over some terms that you might come across to make things a little easier.

Step 1: Choose a World Cup Betting Website

OKBET has the best World Cup odds and betting options.

Step 2: Place Your Bet!

Moneyline: Also known as a “straight win” bet, it is the most popular bet in sportsbooks worldwide. Most bets are expressed in this manner.

Wagering Requirements: This is the number of times you must wager bonus funds before they are cashable. The greater the number, the longer the process, and vice versa.

Prop Bet: A prop bet is a bet that you can place on a game that is unrelated to the game’s outcome. For example, you could wager on Christian Pulisic to assist the USMNT.

A parlay bet is when you put together several bets and combine them into one long shot. For example, England will defeat Iran, the United States will defeat Wales, Senegal will defeat the Netherlands, and so on. You can combine all of these picks into one for a larger payout, but this means that ALL of the picks must win.

Same Game Parlay: This works similarly to a parlay, but it is made up of bets from only one game. You could, for example, wager on Phil Foden to assist, Harry Kane to score, and England to defeat Iran.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Betting FAQ

Is Betting on the FIFA World Cup Safe?

Yes, betting on the World Cup is completely risk-free. Many others will be doing the same, so why not join in the fun?

Can I Place Real Money Bets on the FIFA World Cup?

Yes, real-money bets on the FIFA World Cup are possible. That is, if you are knowledgeable enough about soccer.

What Are the Best FIFA World Cup Odds?

The FIFA World Cup odds are competitive across the board, and you’ll find a wide selection at all of our recommended sportsbooks.

What makes this year’s tournament unique?

This is the first World Cup tournament to take place in the middle of the regular season.

Who Has the Best Chance of Winning the World Cup?

According to the most recent odds and predictions, Brazil is the current favorite to win the World Cup.

Who Will Win the Young Player Award at the World Cup?

This year’s World Cup features a plethora of outstanding young talent. We believe Jude Bellingham (England), Gavi (Spain), and Jamal Musiala have a good chance of winning the award (Germany).

What Are Mexico’s Chances of Winning the World Cup?

Mexico has +12500 odds to win the competition at OKBET

What Is the Best Place to Bet on the World Cup?

All of the sportsbooks we’ve recommended will be fine, but OKBET is our top pick. You can’t go wrong with this collection of websites.

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